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As a mom of a 12-year old son who attends a Chicago Public School, I have seen first-hand what it is like to be a student and a teacher in the public schools right now, and it is tough.  Illinois needs to re-invest in our state’s educational system – from early education to higher education.

Education helped me get where I am today but it did not come easy.  I had to work hard and pay my own way through college and law school.  With determination and resolve, I now own and operate my own law firm in Logan Square that provides good-paying jobs right here in our neighborhood.  Yet, without access to high quality education I would have been left behind like so many students today.  Education is our state’s silver bullet and its investment is the first step when addressing long-term job creation and economy in Illinois.

Being raised by a single mother of four, I know how tough times can get and just how far a dollar can go.  My mother was a Chicago Public Schools teacher.  We did not have money for the extras in life – only what was necessary.  Many residents in the 40th district face similar challenges every day.  I am committed to supporting their interests in Springfield.